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What is Concrete Scanning?

It is also called as GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Scanning preexisting to any cutting or coring in which the workers will quickly determine  and document the location/position of cables like embedded electrical conduits, rebar, PVC pipes, metal pipes and post tension cables buried inside a concrete slab.

• Initial Evaluation & Planning: first process, we must conduct thorough checking and survey of the entire place or work area to ensure that the place is free from harm and any potentially limiting factors. It is very important to examine the probity of the concrete as well as its subsurface because this will determine the factors in our process of scanning the work area/place.

• Scanning/Examining the work area: In this process we're going to use our GPR technologies to locate or search for any embedded objects. Our device has Electro-magnetic wands and transmitters that will help us to scan or search easily.

• Data Analysis: Last process of GPR Scanning, during the scanning sub-surface objects detected clearly and permanently marked. It will leave a mark directly onto the surface and photographs are taken. Once the markings are done, all of the reporting will be discussed with the client onsite.

3 Process of GPR Scanning:

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